Our asset management team is unique: an integrated group of experts both in the local markets and the international arena that combines strong knowledge of investment markets, expertise in a variety of industries and the ability to develop and apply innovative ideas and new investment strategies.

While our local experts obtain real international intelligence, our U.S. team is able to truly grasp on the opportunities presented by the local markets through our roots in the region.

High net worth individuals, institutional clients, pension funds and insurance companies, among others, come to AdCap for personalized solutions and investment ideas.


For each of our wide variety of investment vehicles, we follow a specific investment process to take new positions. Risk management is vital for us to avoid unnecessary exposure to adverse market movements and to preserve capital.

We are focused on excellence in operations and compliance procedures.

Local mutual funds

Six local funds in Colombia, five local funds in Peru and seven local funds in Argentina provide international investors with the tools to seize opportunities in the region.

Offshore funds

Our funds in the U.S. as well as our open platform of products, provide investors with a wide array of tools for their investment decisions.

Managed accounts

With the support of the biggest custody and clearing companies of the world, our team of professionals follows a strict investment process, which incorporates an efficient risk management method to ensure that each of our client’s portfolio meets to their individual risk profile and investment goals.


We provide personalized advice to those seasoned investors who like to review and make the final decision regarding each investment.

Continuous evaluation of market conditions requires time. We monitor markets on your behalf, identifying opportunities for you. With our comprehensive, consultative approach, we are highly in tune with your financial circumstances and tailor an approach that fit your needs.


Our senior asset management team takes care of each of our clients with the personalized support of our portfolio managers and analysts. The team, located in five different cities, works together to bring each and every one of our clients the best in class service while providing investment ideas that fit their current needs, lifestyle and lifecycle.